Vonk session

For when you need a sparkle under your skin


You know what you want, but something is holding you back, and you feel a bit (or a lot) stuck. Or you know that what you're currently doing is not what you want, but you have no idea which direction you do want to go. It's driving you crazy because this isn't the life you envisioned. It must be easier, right, without all this stress?!


Well, dear people, then I have the Spark Session for you, which will provide clarity and reignite the fire within you!


What will be sparked: well, in the session(s), I combine multiple things such as energy work and coaching. With energy work, I tap into deeper layers and we look at where the blockages are. This can sometimes be very different from what our rational thinking brains can conceive. With coaching, I provide you with tools to take steps towards your goal or towards the clarity you seek.


What can this be used for? Well, basically anything you're struggling with. I coach people with their own business who want a fresh perspective, those with skin problems that just won't go away, complex relationships with people around you, but also weight issues; why can't you seem to lose weight or maintain it, for example, what's holding you back?!


I work with individual sessions. Sometimes you just want a little light shed on a topic but don't need more than that. If there's more or if a topic requires more depth, we book a few sessions in a row.

  • Individual session of 60 minutes €85 - includes a report and any follow-up assignments.